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3 coloured pencil drawings, 8 1/2 x 11 - naked women - one signed by MB/

A collection of Rare and Curious Tracts on Witchcraft D. Websters Edinburgh 1820
A Collection out of the best Approved Authors, containing Histories of Visions, Apparitions, Prophecies, Spirits Printed for Joshua Kirton New York 1657
A Discourse Concerning Penance Printed for Ric Chitwell London 1688
A History of the Witches of Renfrewshire Printed by J. Nelson London/Paisley 1809
A Short History of Joan the Wad Joan's Cottage, Lanivet, Badmin Cornwall c 1948
A Witch Trial in the Fourteenth Century (pamphlet) 1874 (?)

An Advertisement to the Jury Men of England touching Witches
London 1679
An Inquiry into the Existance of a Personal Devil Sherwood and Co. London 1848
Ancient Order of Druids: Ritual of Primitive Degree Handwritten 5 1/2 x 5 1/2, approx. 84 pages

Arcana Divina... (Latin) Handwritten MSS, 80 pages (5 x 7)
copied 1908
Ars Quatuor Coronatorum/Clavels "Picturesque History of Freemasonry" - pamphlet

Aureae Catenae Homeri...
Franctfurth und Leipzig 1726
Book in an unknown language - possibly Arabic, Hebrew, therefore, no details can be deciphered

Cabbalistic Secrets of the Master Handwritten, bound. 24 pages

Confessions of Witches Under Torture E & G Goldsmid Edinburgh 1886
Curious Cases and Amusing Actions at Law Sweet & Maxwell, Ltd. London 1916
Devils, Drugs and Doctors

Dictionnaire des Sciences Occultes (French) Librairie des Champs-Elysees Publie sous la direction de Frederic Boutet Paris 1937
Diploma certifying membership of the Royal Stuart Society and Royalist League, signed June 1, 1943 by Harry Stuart Wheatley Crowe and witnessed by F. Fuder Fold (?)

Diploma from Latinitas and identification card, signed Dec 20, 1957 by the direttore and the president conferring the title of Membro Onorario (Honorary Member)

Diploma from the Illustrious and Knightly Order of the Clown of Stuart Conferring the rank of Chevalier, signed by Grand Master Harry Wheatly Crowe Jan 26, 1957

Diploma ordaining Dr. Gardner to the Holy Office of Priest of the Ancient British Church, signed by Dorian, Bishop of Caerleon, August 29, 1946. Witnessed by W. Ohly and M.S. Sauders

Divination, Witchcraft and Mesmerism 20-page pamphlet

Enchiridion du Pape Leon (French) le compte de la Diffusion Scientifique Paris 1953
Every Lady's Own Fortune Teller J. Roach London 1791
Extracts from the Egyptian Book of the Dead (actual title unknown)

Fairyland Tales of Dwarfs, Fairies, Water-Spirits, Etc. - from the German of Villamaria Marcus Ward & Co. London 1877
Geheimniss affer Geheimnusse (Latin?) Handwritten MSS, 6 x 8, approx. 180 pages

Grimoire du Pape Honorius aven un Recuel des plus Reve Secrets (French)

Guide to the Isle of Man Ward, Lock & Co. Ltd. London
Guide to the Isle of Man Ward, Lock & Co. Ltd. London
Hermefischer Probier = Stein

Hermetis Tris-Magisti... (German) Berfertiger bon Alethophilo
Hermippus Redivivus: or, The Sage's Triumph over Old Age and the Grave Printed for J. Nourse London 1749
Infantry Sword Exercise Parker, Furnivall and [?] London 1845
L'amour et la Magie (French) Editions Prima Paris 1936
Le Grand Albert et Ses Secrets Merveilleux (French) Anciennes Maisons Le Bailly et O. Bornemann Paris
Le Grand Albert et Ses Secrets Merveilleux (French) Anciennes Maisons Le Bailly et O. Bornemann Paris
Le Imagini De I Dei De Gli... (Italian) Presso Francesco Ziletti Venetia 1587
Le Palais de la Fortune (Franch) Chez Antoine Tomaz Lyon 1684
Les Cabinet Des Fees ou Collection Choisie Tome Trentieme (French) Chez Barde, Manget & Compagnie A Geneve 1786
Lighted Candles The Red Star Publishing Company Chicago
Liturgy of the Orthodox Catholic Church in England The Chancellor's Office, The Abbey of Christ the King New Barnet 1938
Magica Seu mirabilum historiarum de Spectis et Apparitionibus (Latin) Islebiae, Cura, Typis & sumptibus Henningi Grosij Bibl. Lips.
Masterpiece of Thrills A Daily Express Publication London
Modern Demonology (pamphlet)

Feb 1865
Musee Antoine Wiertz Bruxelles 1806-1865

Oahspe: A Kosmon Bible in the Words of Jehovih The Kosmon Press London 1926 (c 1882)
Oahspe: A Light of Kosmon in the Words of the Creator Oahspe Home Letchworth, England 1910
Of the Practical Science of the Cabala Handwritten, bound, 8 x 10", approx. 40 pages

Pelmanism: Lesson XII The Pelman Institute of America New York 1929 (c 1919)
Phallic objects, Monuments and Remains Privately printed
Picture and description of 20 magic symbols (circles) Handwritten MSS - bound, approx. 40 pages, 4 x 6"

Poster (ad) for Grand Assembly World Congress of Religions Oct 1959 in Cuba

Psychic Research List - General Seance Room Equiptment - price catalogue Metaphysical Research Group Hastings, England
Rasserstein der Beifen (?...) (German) Berlegts Johann von Gand Frankfurt 1671?
Rosicrucian Order of A.O., Ritual of the Grade of Neophyte Handwritten MSS, 6 x 8", 81 pages

Rosicrucian Order of A.O., Ritual of the Grade of Neophyte Handwritten MSS, 242 pages, illustrated 4 x 7"
copied in 1904-5
Rosicrucian Order of A.O., Ritual of the Portal 5 = 6 Handwritten, 4 x 7"
copied in 1908
Round the World at Nine O'Clock: The Origin and Significance of the Big Ben Silent Minute The Big Ben Council London 1950
Secret Societies of the Middle Ages: The Assassins of the East, The Knights Templars and the Fehmde-Gericht, or Secret Tribunals of Westphalia M.A. Nattali London 1846
Secrets Magiques pour L'Amour (French)
SEE Magazine article entitled "Carving is the Earliest Art Form" Vol. 6 No. 3 See Publishing Co., Inc. New York May 1947
Some Comments on the Druids King Bros and Potts Limited Sussex
Some considerations about witchcraft in a letter to Robert Hunt

Tentoonstelling Magic; July/Sept 1957 (German)

The Amazing Predictor

The Book of Family Crests Henry Washbourne London 1838
The Book of Fate and Fortune - An Encyclopedia of the Occult Sciences Grant Richards London 1932
The Case of Mrs. Mary Catherine Cadiere J. Roberts London 1732
The Complete Book of Fortune Associated Newspapers Ltd. London
The Conjuration of Lucifuge Rofocale from the True Grimoire Typed, 1 sheet, 11 1/2" x 8"

The Convent Witch: Frasers Magazine for Town and Country (pamphlet)

Oct 1848
The Fateful Clock of the Heavens Astrological Forecast and Alleged Daily Guide for Gemini May 20 to June 21 4 pages

The Key of Solomon Handwritten MSS in script writing, 10 x 12", 28 pages

The Occult Review Vol LVI, July, 1932 No. 1 House of Richer London 1932
The Orthodox Liturgy... according to the use of the Church of Russia Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge London 1939
The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses - The Mystery of All Mysteries The de Laurance Company Chicago 1930 & 1916
The Spell for Invisibility in which the Skull was used in 1847 (circa) - From the Grimorium Verum typed, 1 sheet 8 x 8"

The Spiritual Record: A Monthly Magazines of Facts and Phenomena Relating to Spiritualism, Vol. 1: June 1882 to May 1884 H. Nesbit & Co. Glasgow
The Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram Handwritten MSS, 26 pages, 4 x 6"

The Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram Handwritten MSS, 96 pages, 4 x 6"

The Thirty Remarkable Questions in Raphael's Witch William Charlton Wright London 1831
The Three Witches or Combination Dream Dictionary Phoenix Publishing Co. Baltimore, Maryland 1941
The Witches of Walkerne (pamphlet)

April 1881
The Wonderful History of Virgilius the Sorcerer of Rome - Medieval Legends No. 11 David Nutt London 1893
Vie de Joseph Balsamo Connu Sous le nom de Comte Cagliostro (French) Chez Onfroy/Chez Jean-George Treuttel Paris/Strasbourge 1791
Ye Book of Ye Art Magical Handwritten MSS, approx. 284 pages, 8 x 13"

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